How do Airline Mile Credit Cards Work?

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How a Delta Airlines SkyMile Credit Card works is for every dollar you spend your credit card company gives you a mile towards your next plane ticket. Some companies give you a dollar for that mile but most stay with the actual distance. Most major airlines have a mile reward credit card. Because of a recent merger the Citi Premier Pass Credit Card has been a must have for any Delta passenger.

Many people will rack up the miles over a couple years and use them to go on a big vacation. Some airlines though have started to not tell you what their black out dates are and instead will tell you that the flight is full. With many airlines in bankruptcy already they need to have passengers paying full price on on a busy flight then giving it away for free. What they would rather do is have you leave really early on a Tuesday or Thursday which are historically light travel days. They know that they are going to have seats available so you are forced to use these times. If you are flexible then it does not really matter because you are getting a free ticket.

Should you apply for an airlines card or go through a bank? It really depends on what kind of traveler you are. If you can be flexible then go with the airline. The only downside is that one particular airline might only go to certain locations. What if you want to go to South America and your airline does not go there. Then you are stuck with unused miles. Unhappy customers sometimes find this out after they have been saving up for a couple years. They call up their credit card customer service and are told it while they have started planning the trip out.

The best bet would be to apply with a bank. You can use the rewards on any airline with no blackout dates. You get the most flexibility this way. No late night flights on a Monday because the airline said it was the only flight. The banks will want to keep your business and will be able to provide better customer service also. One of the best bank cards is the Citi Premier Pass Credit Card. Take the time to see what type of card makes the most sense for your situation. Now you will be able to tell the bank where and when you want to go instead of the airline telling you.

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