Credit Scores: Keeping them above average

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Consumers with credit issue today can cause a lifetime of grief. In today world of financing, you may have to borrow money to have some of the nicer things in life. There are times when we may have to borrow money just to survive. Below you will find a list of things you should know and some quesitons you might want to ask yourself.

What is credit? Credit is extended to someone who would quailfy to borrow money. What are credit scores? Credit score is a number the credit bureaus use to let lenders know the risk based factor someone borrowing money falls into. How to keep good credit. This one is easy, pay the money you borrowed back on time, every time.

When you have rent, auto loans, renters insurance, home loan or home owners insurance, if you have negative credit scores the cost for these items will cost you more than the person who has good credit and credit scores. Paying your debit on time will assure you best cost for most every day items needed.

You can visit my site to learn about credit and credit scores. You can also google it on the internet and find several sites on credit and credit scores. As a consumer you should be aware of your credit and credit scores. Not knowing can cost you in the long run.

I can be emailed at any time with any questions concerning credit issues. All through your adult life you will hear about credit and credit scores. if you have questions concerning your credit and/or credit scores they are just a click away. My blog provides the basic information and then some.

Knowing about your credit can help you not to have lower credit scores.

. Get your free annual credit report and check for mistakes at least once a year.

. Avoid interest charges-pay off your balance every month.

. Avoid late fees – pay on time.

. Keep your older credit cards open. The length of your credit history can help you.

. Don’t apply for too many loans, credit cards or cell phone plans.

. If you need a credit card, shop around for the best deal before applying.

. Be aware of scams!!!!!

Although this may seem simple to keep your credit scores higher, people are dealing with negative credit every single day. There is a way to get it fixed. It takes you wanting to do so. Remember, it is your credit so take action, take charge, and moniter your credit history and credit score at least once a year.

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